Event Collaboration Inquiry

If you would like to collaborate with The Glossary on an event, please contact us at info@theglossary.co with Event Inquiry in the subject line.


The Glossary is available to coordinate and host a panel at your business, shop, or space. We can work together to determine a theme, panelists, sponsors, and event preparation to bring people together in a casual learning environment. 


Calling all local makers and small shops, let's collaborate on a workshop! We can create an educational, small group event that will allow creative ladies to learn a new skill or make a hands-on product. Previous workshops that our founder has hosted include printmaking, photo styling, and social media marketing. 


Retreats are an amazing way to take a break from every day life, relax, create new relationships, and learn. The Glossary is open to collaborating on small and large scale retreats around the world. What is better than bringing a group of women together for a creative getaway. Please take a look at our previous retreats at Camp Wandawega and at Parchment House.


If you have other ideas for collaborations, please reach out to us. We are open to all forms of events and will try to accommodate dates and times.