The Minis: Marleigh Culver - New York City

Photo by Tag Christof

Photo by Tag Christof

Hi Marleigh! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! I am a visual designer from Virginia newly moved to Brooklyn, NY. 

Has art always been a passion of yours? When did you start working in graphic design?
Yes, it has. My parents were really kind and supportive being quite creative themselves. I got into a magnets arts high school and everything rolled from there. I started using Photoshop at 13 and was obsessed with mocking up websites with weird shapes because I was obsessed with Paul Frank, haha. 


What are some of your favorite projects or collaborations that you have worked on?
So many!! I'm not sure if I can say any of them though unfortunately... a large, cool athletic brand is one of them...

Where do you find your inspiration for your work?
Pretty much everywhere because I am a very observant person. I like to see the shapes of gum on the sidewalk and how leaves curl. I love color because I feel very emotionally connected to it. A lot of drive to make what I do is from energy. Sounds silly, but it's the truth! I like things to have a life of their own.


We love your blanket collab with Slowdown Studio! Do you have any more ideas or desires for product design in the future?
I would love to. I had almost got to make some pillows for a company, but that didn't go through. The things about product design is that I would want the pieces to be perfectly created and things that people would treasure and feel would make their home a more solid place. I already see so many other designers making amazing work I'm just not quite sure where I would fit in at the moment. If someone approached me for specific products, it would be easier to figure out. I've always dreamed of painting tiles for people to put in their homes however they wish! Or cool placemats.

At The Glossary, we believe in women working together and helping one another. Why do you think it is important for women to support each other?
It's most important for us because we've all gone through this weird stigma of having to compete with each other which stems from this stupid societal idea that men and women are for each other. It's not like that anymore. We can follow our dreams and lead our life through our work and not bother about personal matters to ground us. Biology isn't the driver. Supporting other women lifts you up, it pushes you to find YOUR strengths while appreciating the ones in others. There's nothing like women bonding, it's beautiful and insightful and all my personal growth I attribute to relationships with my mother and best friends and even strangers.

What creative women do you find inspiring?
I have some very creative and sensitive friends I find inspiring because they are so unique. All people are beautiful and amazing, but there's something about my friends I'm just inspired by. Women who follow their own path and have interesting backgrounds and are kind to each other are who I find inspiring. Women who aren't bothered by what men will say when they want to accomplish their dreams. The ones who take the higher road and push themselves. I love all mediums and I am always looking for new people to be inspired by who succeed in their fields and kind of fly under the radar.

What are some of your favorite places in New York?
Homecoming in Greenpoint, it's beautiful, has great flower arrangements and coffee. Mociun, which carries my Slowdown Studio blanket and for the stunning interior design and jewelry. I am a huge fan of chef Camille Becerra and her restaurant De Maria, the interiors were designed I believe by The MP Shift, a women-run design studio. I would totally get my nails done all the time at Paintbox if I could and I love to go to spin class at SyncStudio in Brooklyn because the music is amazing. Elsa in Cobble Hill followed by Pilot for oysters served on a boat... could go on. Sorry this all sounds pretty bougie!!! I never grew up doing this kind of stuff and over the past 6 years my parents got really into food and drink so they've helped opened my eyes to beautiful and well-done experiences. 

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