The Ambassador Series: Jessica Lambi - Boston


Hi Jess! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Jess: a New England native trying to live a more intentional life in Boston, Massachusetts.

When did you begin your blog Eat Sleep Dress & Repeat, and what were your goals when starting the site?
I started my blog in March of 2016. At the time, I was working in the finance industry and going back to school for fashion with my eye on a career change, so my goal was simply to work on the skills I wanted to master [the hustle] and also to plug into a creative outlet [that I needed to stay sane]. The concept was to share my life via food (eat), travel and lifestyle (sleep) and fashion (dress).

Over time, however, my blog has actually served a much deeper purpose: it has been a way for me to truly self-reflect and see what my core values, style and personal brand is. A few months ago, when I started to incorporate minimalism and zero waste initiatives into my life, is when I felt like my most true self. Things fell into place. Now, my goal is to still share my 'Eat, Sleep and Dress', but through the lens of someone who is more deliberate in their everyday choices. This lifestyle can seem intimidating and out-of-touch at first, so I want to be the catalyst between the unattainable and the absolutely doable -- without completely sacrificing your style, diet, or day-to-day routine.


We love that you are open about transitioning your home and fashion to more ethical consumption, because it really is a learning process and transition of lifestyle. What would you like people to know about changing their consumption habits and what resources have been helpful for you?
I've learned that ethical consumption is a process that looks different for everyone. It's about doing what works for you in an obtainable way. I look to individuals who are 'ideals' in this field as inspiration, but I have come to terms with the difference between aspirational and achievable for my life. I'm never going to have a wardrobe that fits in a carry-on or less than 100 possessions in my apartment... and sometimes my drink at the bar comes with a straw (unfortunately). It's simply about the realization that seemingly small and easy changes in our everyday life can make a world of difference! 

The most important exercise I practice is to ask myself the questions, 'does this add value to my life'? For me, plastic, one-time-use items, that 50th pair of shoes, or a fast fashion top that I just 'had to have' did not. If you can start analyzing your consumption with that one questions, I promise there will be an immediate and fulfilling change. 

My favorite resources are The Minimalists, Trash is for Tossers, The Good Trade and any TEDx talks about minimalism and zero waste, like this one.


What creative women do you find inspiring?
There are so many! Locally, there's Sofi of Olives & Grace, Lana of December Thieves and Heist, Cara of Vetta Capsule and Erin and Rose for Foret and Queen of Swords. 

What makes you passionate about the work you do?
I think passion is the ultimate alignment of your talents, loves and values. I'm passionate because I feel like I am using all of my best attributes to share the values that matter to me with others.


Why did you want to become a Glossary ambassador?
I am in love with The Glossary, and the community that it has created. I'm currently working to turn my passions and 'side hustles' in the creative field into a full-fledged career, so being surrounded by women all over the world, some of whom are in my shoes and some who have earned huge success as an entrepreneur and creative, is inspiring and motivating. Not to mention, this community has connected me with some lovely, beautiful friends! I want to spread the message of 'strength in community'.

What are some of your favorite places in Boston?
There are so many favorites! Olive's & Grace, Niche, December Thieves, Queen of Swords and Follain (all awesome, women-owned local businesses)! Toro and Mida for some of the best food and ambience in town. I highly recommend strolling the Bunker Hill Monument neighborhood in Charlestown, especially in the fall. It's the epitome of Bostonian charm. 


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