The Minis: Grace Deveny - Art Historian and Tarot Reader


How did you begin reading tarot?
I began taking Tarot seriously as a tool for self-knowledge and clarity in the the fall of 2015, after realizing I was deeply in need of both! Through structured study of the archetypes of the deck and honing my intuition, the ability to read tarot for others has come about quite naturally, through the work I did for myself. I’m proud to say I’ve had wonderful experiences reading for many people at festivals and fairs such as Pitchfork Music Festival and Renegade Craft Fair this past year. I am looking forward to connecting with more people through events and private sessions in 2017.

How does Chicago inspire you?
I’ve lived in Chicago for six years, and I’ve been inspired to stay here because of all the amazing community of people I have come to know, especially my husband of three months, whom I met a year after moving here. Also, my full time job is in the arts and I’m continually inspired by the museums, independent art and music spaces here.

Tell us about Two Young Crones!
Two Young Crones is a new project I am doing with my dear friend and fellow tarot reader, Alia Walston. For the moment, it’s simply a shared Instagram account where we post tarot and other spirit driven pursuits. We are hoping to do more tarot reading events and workshops together this coming year.

You seem to have a lot of creative interests, what is one of your favorite hobbies?
Hobbies have become very seasonal for me. In the winter, it's working with yarn -- knitting and weaving, in particular. Transforming a linear thread into something with dimension and depth feels totally magical. In the summer, working with and arranging flowers is my favorite hobby.

What does your ideal morning look like?
Waking up at sunrise to read, write or knit while everything is quiet and dark, then taking a little nap until a decent hour. Also, any morning that begins with poached eggs is also ideal.