The Minis: Allison Karaba - Style Blogger


What do you love most about slow fashion and conscious consumption? 
I love knowing where my clothes came from. Until I found this world of slow fashion I had never really thought about it. But to hear the stories of seamstresses and the workers that are actually making the garments, makes the whole experience of shopping personal again. And I love knowing that I'm supporting someone's livelihood and helping them do what they love. It brings the human element back into fashion. 

What are your favorite brands? 
I absolutely love Elizabeth Suzann. She is my age and has built a widely successful clothing company that's based in Nashville. Her business acumen & design intuition are truly inspiring. Especially for someone that is looking to start their own venture. Some others that I love are Everlane, First Rite Clothing, Jamie + the Jones, Jesse Kamm, Maslo Jewelry, Tiro Tiro & Cuyana. There are just so many!

What did you learn from your closet versatility exercise?
I really enjoy doing this exercise with my clothes. For those that don't know, all you do is take one item from your closet and make five different outfits that incorporate that one piece. It helps me see how far I can take an item in my closet and it helps me find my favorite pieces that will work hard in my wardrobe for years to come. In my last versatility exercise I used my Only Child tank to make a fake jumpsuit look with a pair of pants from Elizabeth Suzann and it's now one of my favorite looks! 

If you could only wear one color palette, what would it be? 
Neutrals all the way. I love color, but I get bored with it too quickly. I'll really love maroon for a few months then be fixated on emerald green. My color appetite constantly changes. So in order to keep my closet on the minimal side I focus on neutrals and I love them!

Where do you find style inspiration? 
Honestly Instagram has been my main source of inspiration. You can discover so many style savvy ladies on there! Some accounts that I love are @leevosburgh@maryellensky @lesliemariemedlin & @calivintage all of these ladies have amazing minimalistic style and are conscious shoppers as well!