The Minis: Bridget Botchwav - Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker

How did you begin photography and documentary filmmaking?
I got a polaroid camera in grade school and have been hooked. I graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and eventually became the first female videographer for the Student Unions. I had a friend who was slain our senior year and I turned to documentary filmmaking to tell his story. 

What is your favorite part of the process in capturing and documenting a story?
I really love it all and the process for every documentary/video short feels different. In my last short, Water with Lemon, it was the first video I co-produced with my partner. I loved working with him and allowing our visions to fuse together. The editing process was so satisfying; seeing the scenes we nitpicked come together.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming projects?
Yes! I  have another video short that debuts this month on my website:, currently entitled, "Open Letter to Humanity" I was also accepted as a Fellow for Diverse Voices in Docs and my first feature documentary, The New Love Culture, will be going through a funding round in July and debut this November. 

How would you describe your work and style to someone who has yet to see it?
I am a documentary filmmaker for the people, connecting cultures and keeping it honest. Visually, my style is all based in the story and the art of the interview. Its similar to Angela Tucker and her "Black Folk Don't Series" (honest and entertaining) paired with the visual animation of Vice News (clean and informative).

What do you struggle with in your process?
I struggle most with time and resources. I work full-time as a digital and print producer and that leaves a limited amount of time to build out botch.wav, my production house. Also, all the equipment I use is VERY expensive and renting it adds up too. Its definitely a finesse rallying up my network and available resources but its all comes with the art form.