The Minis: Carolyn McDaniel - Photographer and Blogger


What are your three biggest life goals right now?
My three biggest life goals at the moment would be traveling (traveling to every continent at least once to be exact). A year ago I had the opportunity to visit South Korea and I absolutely loved it. I feel that being outside of your comfort zone and experiencing another way of life is the best form of growing as a person. I like the idea of being able to look back on your life and see progression in yourself as well as having fond memories of how you engulfed yourself into another culture. 

My second biggest life goal is becoming a lifestyle blogger. I’ve always had a passion for photography and I’ve always been obsessed with blogging. I think combining the two and being able to put it out in the world and have people appreciate something you created would be the most gratifying feeling. 

My third biggest life goal is to be able to take care of my mother. She has always supported me in every endeavor I’ve started and it means the world to me to be able to return the favor and take care of her. She’s an angel and a champion to me. 

What is your most interesting hobby?
My most interesting hobby at the moment is flat lay photography. I’ve been doing it more often and have gotten creative with some of my flay lays. It’s so fun to wake up and make a cup of coffee and say “hey I wanna do a flat lay right now!” and throw flower petals and coffee cups onto your floor and just play around with angles to see what you come up with. As time goes on you just get better and better. 

What is something beautiful you see every day?
For the pass year now I’ve been getting gifted with flowers a lot, so next to my bed every morning I’m awaken by the smell of fresh flowers. It's so nice to roll over and see them greeting you every day. 

Do you have something that you find strangely relaxing?
The sound of white noise is so relaxing. I feel that some people can’t take it and think it’s so annoying, but I swear by white noise Youtube videos all day. 

What made you smile today?
I spent the afternoon around loved ones, so seeing everyone enjoying themselves and enjoying each others company kept a smile on my face. It’s special when you get the chance to take time out of your day to spend a few hours together to just chat and catch up and enjoy some nice quality time with one another.