The Minis: Nicole Button - Stylist

How did you begin styling and creative direction?
I started really digging into styling when I started at Ai of Charlotte. I met a photographer, Sara, and she really sparked something in me. We started working on shoots together and collaborating on projects. Once I got comfortable with that, I then started collaborating with a designer in Charlotte and then that is when it became more than just styling. I started really looking into the creative process behind a project and I tapped into the part of my brain. Ever since then, every project that I've attached my name too has not only given me styling credit, but as well as creative direction. 

What keeps you motivated?
Life. Every emotion, every person, and every event. From good to bad. For me, I'll finish a project and I feel great, I'm happy. Now I have to push myself harder to get better. Then I'll have something happen that doesn't really make me happy or work out in my favor. but that's also just more motivation, more drive. 

When do you feel like the best version of yourself?
When I'm working. I'm a very hard worker, and the only way anyone will ever prefect their craft is when you practice and you work, so I feel like the best version of myself when I'm working towards improvement, when I'm in my element and nothing can stop or touch me. It truly is an amazing feeling. 

What is something about you that may surprise others?
The love for music that I've grown to have. Music is great, everyone loves music, it sets your mood for you. But I didn't grow to really love and appreciate it for what it is until I met my boyfriend. He's a HUGE music head and a musician, and it has done nothing but rubbed off on me. Which by the way everyone should check out his music, his name is Ben Burden. Haha. Honestly, somethings been telling me lately to tap into music and play around with it. Who knows.. I may, I may not. 

Does Chicago inspire your work? If yes, how so?
Yes! For sure. I'm still very new to the city, but Chicago challenges me in ways I haven't been challenged before. There's a fashion industry here, but it's not New York.. You have to dig here to find what you're looking for. Which isn't bad, I want to be challenged, I don't want it to come easily. I've also started to use my surroundings and really appreciating what I see and what I experience on a daily basis to help with inspiration.