The Minis: Paige Mariah - Marketing Coordinator and Style Blogger


What do you do and why do you love it?
I always like to say that from 9-5 I’m the marketing coordinator for an amazing non-profit but I’m a life & style blogger 24/7! I love that I always have the opportunity to be creative and learn something new every day in both my career and through my personal brand.

How did you become interested in fashion?
I’ve always been the shy girl. Luckily, it was in high school when I realized that my outfit had the ability to be my greatest introduction and was worth a thousand words even when I was too nervous to muster up one. Over time, I’ve seen how a stand out pair of boots or a statement necklace can be a conversation starter in itself. I’ve bonded with a lot of people and made quite a few friends because of fashion and I think that’s definitely a big part of the reason why I love it so much.

How has your style evolved?
Compare a photo of me from 2007 and now…self explanatory! Honestly, I believe that my style is evolving daily. I can find inspiration anywhere, from scrolling through Instagram to sitting on the couch and watching an episode of the 90s TV show A Different World. I can’t wait to see where my style is even a year from now!

What is one question you wished people asked you more often?
This is a great question! I’ve always felt like a simple “How are you?”, can go a very long way. I believe that at times we can get so caught up in our own, social lives etc., that we forget how important it is to just genuinely check in on the people that we care about every once in a while. It’s definitely a question that I’m working on asking more myself.

What are you currently listening to?
I’m currently obsessed with the artist Nao. She’s all that I listen to on Spotify these days. Her sound is like soul, funk and R&B all in one. Her music just takes me to another place and I’m always listening to it when I’m getting dressed for the day.