The Minis: Marialaura Fedi - Artist and Designer - Rome


Hi Marialaura! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Marialaura Fedi and I’m something between an illustrator and a painter. I was born near the sea, in the south of Italy, then, at age of 2, I moved to a little city near Rome. I grew up in a luxurious and bright countryside. There wasn’t so much to do so I started painting all the beautiful colors and shapes that were around me, then it became my work.

How did you begin your artwork and start StudiOrtica?
I think art is in my DNA. In my family, every other generation produces an artist. I remember when I was a child, and I watched, fascinated with the paintings of my uncle or my aunt’s pottery. They were kind of like mythological figures for me because they could create things that didn’t exist before just with their hands, and their creations made people happy. So I decided I wanted to become a mythological figure too, and I choose to be a painter.

I started StudiOrtica just after my graduation with a masters in Illustration with seven other great women artists. By founding the studio, we mostly wanted to share our very first winnings, troubles, and support each other through the scary freelance-working world. That happened two years ago, and I think we achieved our purpose.

This year I felt that I needed to improve myself in something new, so I left studiOrtica and started a new adventure on my own, but I’m sure I could not to do all the good things I’m doing now on my own, without the two years passed with my girls at studiOrtica, and I’m so thankful.

Your paintings have a beautiful, minimal style. What does your process look like and what details do you look for in everyday life that translate to your work?
The most important things in my creative process are the place where it happens. I need to have all the things I love by my side. I’m a design lover, especially Italian and Swedish 60’s vintage and for sure design is something that is related to my work. But most of all, I think the landscapes of my hometown are what inspire me every day. I live in the countryside near Rome, in a place called Divino Amore (Devine Love in English) and the colors, the shapes, and the simplicity of my paintings are the same of the little hill, the plant life, and vineyards I see from the windows of my kitchen. In my paintings, I just try to recreate the awesomeness and the grace of the little things.

We love that a lot of your artwork revolves around women. Who are some women that inspire you?
I think women have the same strength and grace of nature, so they are the perfect medium to communicate my inner feelings. There are a lot of strong women figures that inspire my everyday life and work. Artists and writers such as Georgia O’ Keeffe, Francesca Woodman, Marlene Dumas, and then Mary Shelly, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson. But mostly the women of my everyday life inspire me; my friends, my colleagues, my related, and all the people I meet that even just with a word or an attitude are able to change my perspective and teach me something new.

What are some of your favorite places in Rome?
There are so may, it’s a difficult choice. One of my favorites is the French Academy in Villa Medici. It’s a marvelous building from the end of 1700. On the outside is a bright white building but inside is so eclectic, and I love that dual nature. Then there is The Garden of Oranges and The Botanical garden in Trastevere where plant life explodes. Also, I’m in love with a little park called Villa Glori where I passed most of my childhood riding ponies and feeding cats. The last little strange place that I love in my hometown is a market called Mercatino di San Giovanni, where I find all the vintage I need.

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