The Minis: Nishat Nguyen - Educator and YouTuber - Boston


Hi Nishat! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an educator first (I teach first grade) as well as a YouTuber and influencer based in Boston.

How long have you been on YouTube
So long! I joined in 2011 and was playing with comedy videos with my faraway, international friends. Then I turned into an aspiring beaty-guru (spoiler alert: fail!) Now I just make videos about my life when I want to.

What are your creative aspirations for the near future?
I would love to simply start creating more regularly. Having a full time job as a teacher is awesome, but it means that every waking moment of “free” time is spent figuring out my creative life. I also really want to collaborate with a donut shop to have my own donut…

We know you love donuts! (So do we.) Is it possible for you to pick a favorite?
I might get a lot of backlash for this in the donut connoisseur community, but I adore Blackbird Donuts’ mint chocolate cake donut. It’s a non-yeasted donut! I’m sorry!

You've been working with a lot of different brands lately. Could you walk our readers through that process of collaborating?
I’m a pretty big advocate for myself, to be quite honest. That means about 50% of the brand collaborations I do, I have actually reached out to the company. I figure that the worst thing that could happen when I submit a proposal is that they say no! Luckily, I’ve had a lot of amazing companies say yes, and I am so happy when I get to creatively promote a product I really believe in. I started out with just really small businesses, which I enjoy because I have a personal relationship with the people who truly love their own product too.

What are a few of your favorite places in and around Boston?
Oh man, I love so many! Right outside my neighborhood there’s this place called Clear Flour Bread. It’s the tiniest bakery ever, with no seating or anything, but the bread is so fresh and they make the most amazing chocolate croissants in the area. I also really love Honeycomb Creamery and Bagelsaurus in Cambridge. They’re both woman-owned and delicious. This is becoming all about food – and I’m okay with that. My final favorite is out in Providence, RI and it’s PVDonuts. They’re kind of famous now for their Dunkaroo donut. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

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