The Minis: Allison Rosecast - Boise


Hi Allison! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Allison Rosecast. I'm a restless twenty something currently residing in Boise, Idaho. I live in a hundred year old, sun-filled house with many plants, my husband, and our internet-famous cat, Weetzie. I'm passionate about art, tattoos, body positivity, plants, flowers, and finding beauty in strange and everyday aspects of life!

Your artwork is so beautiful. How did you begin and what inspires your drawings?
Thank you! I've made art in some form or another for as long as I can remember. When I reached college age I thought I had to pick a "real" career and tried to find another path...but everything led back to creating. A few years ago I decided whether I could make a career of it or not, art is my passion so I'm always going to look for a way to make it part of my life. Making art helps me reach peace and fulfillment that I’ve honestly never found in another practice. The quest for perfection never ends, but there’s so much growth creatively and personally that I’m discovering along the way. Right now I'm really focused on botanical imagery. I like that making botanical art inspires me to look intentionally for beauty in everyday life. Plants, and flowers especially, are soothing and promising to me. The natural world reminds me that delicate, gentle things are strong enough to thrive in all sorts of environments. That knowledge keeps me grounded, growing, and soft, which feels especially important in the current political climate. Making helps me get closer to the person I want to be in so many ways.

You mention on your Instagram that you are battling chronic illness. Would you be comfortable discussing what you go through and the struggles that you face?
Definitely, thank you for asking! I strive to be open about my experience with chronic illness in hopes of increasing awareness and helping others in the midst of similar battles know they aren't alone. I struggle with endometriosis, adenomyosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. These conditions, particularly endo and adeno, can cause a considerable amount of pain and fatigue, among many other difficult symptoms. Despite how life altering they can be, they’re all invisible illnesses. I’ve found that many people struggle to understand or empathize with what they can't see, and a lot of discrimination can result from this. Unfortunately, this extends to the medical field as well. I fought for years to get a diagnosis (the average delay for endo is 7-11 years). Even after getting my endo diagnosis, I had to continue to be my own advocate for additional answers and treatment when my health continued to decline. I’ve lost opportunities, time, and relationships to chronic pain and illness. I've also gained a deep inner strength and empathy I wouldn't trade for anything. I've learned to fight for myself, for others, and for hope despite great obstacles. I’m having my second surgery this month: excision of endo and ovarian cysts and a hysterectomy for adeno. I'm ready for the next big battle.

As a fellow plant lover, what are some of your favorite types of plants?
So hard to choose! I just got a "bones” euphorbia which you can see in the photo of a couple shelves in my art room. I've never seen anything like its milky complexion! I’ve also collected some really beautiful cacti. I love their dramatic growth spurts and sudden shape changes. I'm really enamored with the flora and fauna of the desert. I lived in New Mexico for a year, and a piece of me is always daydreaming of those southwestern landscapes. There's something so poetic about the fiercely beautiful plant life that can survive and thrive in such unforgiving climates. I also can't get over the contrast of the spiky, architectural shapes when they're holding a soft, vibrant bloom. I saw a huge night-blooming cereus in Tucson last year, and I'll never forget it.

What are some of your short term goals?
I want to overcome my shyness about sharing my art online! I've shared a little more art on Instagram lately, and I want to continue doing that. Savannah Trevino (savvytattoos) gave me some great, simple advice recently: if you make a mistake, find a creative way to solve it. That takes much more thought and skill than starting over in the eternal quest for the perfect piece. I often don’t share or finish things because of a flaw - so this is a really important thing for me to focus on. Plus, I know it’s important to have a history of work that shows my growth over time. That’s my continuous short-term and long-time goal: growth as an artist. Beyond sharing more, I also want to try out making prints and other applications of my art in the next year. Maybe an online storefront will follow! First I need to get past the upcoming surgery and hopefully start on the road to healing. It’s going to be a long recovery, but I’m really excited for the future!

Do you have creative aspirations for a long term basis?
My long term creative aspiration is to become a tattoo artist! This is the most fitting way I can imagine my art becoming my career. Body positivity is so important to me, and I think tattoos are such a beautiful way to honor and adorn your body. My tattoos have made me feel more like myself. I love the idea of collaborating one on one to make pieces that become part of someone else’s identity. Tattoos go on to live and change outside of the scope of the artist. I think that’s such a magical concept. I really hope I can be part of that exchange and tradition, on the other side of the machine. I have a lot to learn, and I’m going to keep trying to grow as an artist in the mean time.

What are a few of your favorite places in Boise?
For coffee: Slow by Slow - think black and white honeycomb tiled floor, sun beams pouring in, fresh flowers, and baristas who always remember your order and compliment your outfit!

For plants: 36th St Garden Center - envision a vaulted ceiling and chandelier of hanging plants, super friendly staff, and gorgeous plants of course!

For hangouts: Kathryn Albertson Park - imagine a half-tamed park full of bunnies, ducks, geese, turtles, and deer! I've seen multiple adorable fawns during golden hour walks!

Photos provided by Allison

Photos provided by Allison