The Minis: Gabriella Levy - Boston


Hi Gabriella! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a native New Yorker who now calls Cambridge/Boston home. I started immerLit a few years
ago because there’s never a perfect time to quit your job and try to build something from
scratch. I never wanted to regret not trying.

We love that all of your pieces are different and handmade. What is it about clay and working
with your hands that you love the most?

Symmetry and uniformity don’t excite me, but movement and unpredictability do. For me, this
can only really be achieved when each individual piece is handcrafted, slowly and meticulously
without molds. Clay, and porcelain specifically, has this wonderful natural quality of malleability. I
take full advantage of that to create unique works.

You integrate light into the creation of your pieces. Where did that inspiration and fascination
come from?

Another incredible quality of porcelain is that it becomes translucent when thin enough and fired
to a high enough temperature. I am simply enhancing this natural quality. Every piece is a
functional sculpture using the interplay of the porcelain with both natural and artificial light.

What do you enjoy most about your career?
I love seeing people’s faces when they first see a fixture turned on. That look of surprise as the
porcelain goes from almost opaque looking to glowing translucency is priceless.

What are some of your favorite places in Cambridge/Boston?
Feeling healthy: Life Alive, Central Square, Cambridge
Feeling like a New Englander: Belle Isle Seafood for the best lobster roll, Winthrop
Feeling relaxed: the dock on the Charles halfway between the Esplanade and the Mass Ave
bridge, Boston
Starting my day: Iggy’s bakery- right next to my studio, tasty coffee & treats and best of all, there
are 8 immerLit pendants hanging from above, Cambridge

Find Gabriella at:

Images provided by immerLit

Images provided by immerLit