The Minis: Kathryn Paige - Atlanta


Hi Kathryn! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Kathryn Paige, and I’m a writer from Atlanta, Georgia. I currently make coffee at a little café called Nido, as well as write a monthly column for Bad Luck Magazine. I love going on adventures, whether it be wandering around my city or exploring somewhere completely foreign to me. I’m incredibly passionate about loving others to the best of my ability.

What draws you to writing and poetry? How did you begin?
I began writing poetry during my freshmen year of high school. I battle with two anxiety disorders, and at the time, I was very unsure on how to voice the severity of that struggle, so I began writing it all down. I then discovered how cathartic writing was for me, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

You're writing a book! Could you tell us what it's about and the process of creating it?
The book is a compilation of everything I’ve written over the last few years. It focuses a lot on the idea of continuing life after trauma and allows the reader to follow along as I figure out who I am and why I was put here. The process of writing the book is super bittersweet. Reading it, there’s a lot I can’t wait for others to experience. I think it has the potential to offer a lot of healing for some. However, some of it was incredibly hard for me to write in the first place, so the thought of sharing it is pretty scary.

Who are some women that inspire you?
Definitely my mom. I’ve watched her sacrifice so much for the people around her and my overall hope is to love like her. I also find a lot of inspiration from other creatives. Some of my favorites are Frances Cannon, Blythe Baird, Araki Koman, Carly Kuhn, and Lang Leav.

What are some of your favorite places in Atlanta? 
Chrome Yellow is probably my favorite place to visit for coffee. They offer such a comfortable little atmosphere which makes writing there super enjoyable for me. Also, Criminal Records is a great record store, and since I’m always looking forward to growing my vinyl collection, they’re definitely one of my favorites, as well!

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