The Minis: Rebecca Keating - Chicago


Hi Rebecca! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello! I’m Rebecca. Extrinsically I am a Wheaton College student, barista at River City Roasters, and 1/2 of the front couple for Tapestry, the Band. More intrinsically, I am a learner, a servant, a communicator, and a creator. 

When did you begin playing music and how did Tapestry begin? 
Oh gosh, I’ve been playing music since I was pounding on the piano keys as a diaper-clad two year old. I grew up surrounded by music, my mom was on tour singing for the first few years of my life, and I started writing my own songs in the 1st grade. All throughout elementary and middle school I joked about having a band and I would perform songs I wrote for my classes. Later in high school, I started helping friends with their musical projects. Over time, I have realized that singing and songwriting are things that come so naturally to me and I could do them forever. 

Tapestry, the Band began my freshman year at Wheaton with three of my best friends. We wanted to have a worship night on campus, but because we weren’t an official worship band for the school, we couldn’t. A friend of ours who worked at the school suggested that we just start our own band since it seemed like we enjoyed making music together regardless of having an audience to share it with. So, Tapestry, the Band was born! 

We’ve had band members come in and out over the past year and a half as we try to carve out our sound and intentions as a group, but my boyfriend Noah and I are the front couple for the band and do most of the songwriting and composing. The sound we have developed is this blend of feels-y indie mood music plus laid back/chill type jams. A majority of my songs are about losing love and working through all of that pain. Noah takes care of the more triumphant side of love Feel free to come say hi on our SpotifyInstagram, or on our website

Where do you find your creative inspiration?
Creative inspiration comes to me most vividly through feelings, through growing pains, and through the mountains. My life has become one longwinded episode of growth building upon growth. The area that I am most gifted in creating is through words, and with each layer of growth I add on, my words are the vessel through which I wrestle with and speak about growing.

I am a big-time feeler and confidently say that empathy is definitely one of my biggest strengths. So hearing about the movements of the hearts and souls of those around me feeds my creative inspiration. The mountains have been a source of inspiration all my life — I used to live in Colorado and now I take trips out there twice a year to visit family or just because flights are cheap and I need to clear my head. The mountains are a place I have always gone off to whether seeking solitude and soul searching or a life giving place to connect with community. 

What are you studying in school? What are your career aspirations?
I am an Interdisciplinary major at Wheaton, studying an integration of English Writing, Anthropology, and Theology. I’m blending the disciplines together to compare/contrast the expressions of lament in American Evangelical churches and Evangelical churches in Northeast India, where my family is from. 

Career-wise, there are so many things I’d be fond of doing. I would love to go on tour with Tapestry. That is the ultimate career goal. I want to impact people with my lyrics forever. I plan on writing at least a few books in my life—this summer I started working on my first one, so I’m pretty pumped about that. I’ve been working at River City Roasters, a coffee shop in Wheaton, for almost two years now. I’ve grown to care a lot about the coffee industry, especially about ways that coffee shops are spaces that foster warm, invigorating hospitality and community. My ideal job in the coffee industry would be a position that allows me to barista part time, and then spend my off-bar time working in customer service, training, and strategizing. Who knows exactly what career things will be like in the future, but I’m content with doing anything that allows me to connect with and care for people!

What are some of your favorite places in Chicago and the surrounding area?
Is it bad that all I can think of in answering this question is food places and coffee shops? Almost everything I do with friends in the city revolves around food in some way. Ipsento 606 and Purple Llama are my all-time favorite coffee shops. Oven Grinders has my all-time favorite pizza. It's so good, literally heaven. The avocado toast at Soho’s The Allis is way too perfect to pass up. 

When I was in high school, I thought that the only parts of Chicago that existed were Wicker Park and the Loop. But as I've gotten older and had more time to roam about the city, I’ve come to love walking through all the different neighborhoods. There are so many and I never get tired of daydreaming about living in them! 

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