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Hi Abby! Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello! I am an interior designer in Peoria, IL, where my husband and I recently purchased a 1900 Craftsman bungalow. My style - interior design and otherwise - is Modern French Art Deco. Among other things, the Art Deco movement put emphasis on the relationship between a piece of art and its surroundings and naturally, I appreciate that.

What led you to begin Collecture?
Through my interior design work I found a lack of original art in the homes I visited. In an effort to advocate for artists in Peoria and beyond, I created Collecture. We are collaborating now with a local artist to launch our first textile collection this Fall.


Did you study interior design? Did you always intend to have your business revolve around art?
I graduated college with my degree in interior design, and worked for a company designing commercial spaces before starting my own residential design firm. I didn't always intend to have a strong focus on art, but as I came across an excess of generic pieces, I felt I needed to emphasize the importance of supporting the arts (of any medium) and buying original works.

How do you find the artists you work with? Could you share a bit of the process of finding the artist, getting the artwork, and getting it into a home?
I was lucky enough to meet Collecture's first artist collaborator while he was working on his MFA - university galleries are one of the best spots to find up-and-coming artists. He gets my aesthetic and is continuously pointing me toward artists all over the world. I also regularly attend art receptions, gallery openings, First Friday events, etc. And of course, I find many artists on Instagram - the connector of all things!

I understand originals are an investment; sometimes it takes time - and maybe a visit to the artist's studio if they are local - before a client will add a piece to their collection. It can be a slow play, but completely worth the effort to see originals sold and calling a room I designed home.

originals for textiles.jpg

What are some of your favorite places in Peoria?
My regular haunts are Broken Tree for pizza and cocktails, The Nest Coworking for community, Zion Coffee Bar for their modern space and daily fuel, and the many art galleries around the city (The Contemporary Arts Center, Prairie Center for the Arts, Ear and the Envelope, Studios on Sheridan, Bradley University Galleries -  I could go on!).

Photos provided by Abby Gettys

Photos provided by Abby Gettys

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