Meet the wonderful women who contribute their skills and knowledge to this platform. 


Diana Turchi

City London
Career Events Management
Instagram @diana.turchi

"I’m a 23-year-old, Events Management graduate that loves anything creative. I spend my free time looking for somewhere new to eat (you never have to venture too far in London) and either obsessing over any new superhero movie or learning some random crafty skill. I like to express my creativity in the way I dress, and the things I do. So if you ever need a friend to drag you to an art show, or come with you to that weird workshop you’ve been dying to try, I’m your girl."


titilayoayangade2017 # (1).jpg

Titilayo Ayangade

City Chicago
Career Photographer + Cellist
Instagram @titilayoayangade
Website titilayoayangade

"I’m Titilayo (Titi for short), a 25-year-old cellist and portrait/editorial photographer. I spend as much time as possible traveling, but I currently live in Chicago with my husband Max. I’ve lived all of my life in the midwest but San Francisco will become our new home in 2018! I love exploring new things and my guilty pleasures are bad jokes and oversized glasses of wine with friends."



Emily Berger-Crawford

City Detroit
Career Photographer
Instagram @eeberger
Website eebergerphoto

"I'm an editorial and commercial food and lifestyle photographer, living in Detroit, Michigan. Three years ago I decided to move back home with my now husband from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, to pursue our personal and professional goals in a city we felt was more hospitable for people taking risks. Our goals were to buy a home, spend more time outside of a city environment, and for myself personally, go back to my original passion of photography and turn it into a full-time freelance gig. And we were able to accomplish all of those things! We bought our home in the east side of the city nine months ago and I'm a full time photographer."


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Kathryn Paige

City Atlanta
Career Writer + Barista
Instagram @kxtwextson

"I’m a writer from Atlanta, Georgia. I currently make coffee at a little café called Nido, as well as write a monthly column for Bad Luck Magazine. I love going on adventures, whether it be wandering around my city or exploring somewhere completely foreign to me. I’m incredibly passionate about loving others to the best of my ability."


Katherine_Lake Effect Co-112.jpg

Katherine Gramann

City Milwaukee
Career Marketing Consultant + Owner of Lake Effect Co
Instagram @kgram22 @LakeEffectCo
Website Lake Effect Co

"I’m a Wisconsin native who spent a few years trying on various cities (Ann Arbor & San Francisco) and careers (AdWords Strategist & Google Community Manager) before coming back to my roots and finding my fit in the entrepreneurial world. I'm known for my strong work ethic, big heart, sense of adventure, pursuit of beauty, and occasionally irrational obsession with football (University of Wisconsin Badgers & Green Bay Packers). I have an unhealthy love for Drake, road trips, peanut butter, goat cheese, rosé (which is not just for summer,) and otters. Feel free to send me every otter video/GIF/meme you find."



Amanda Gunawan

City Los Angeles
Career Designer
Instagram @amandagnwn
Website amandagnwn

"I am a designer based in Los Angeles. I just graduated from Architecture school a couple of months ago, took up a full-time job at an Architecture firm but left to do my own thing. I am also a lifestyle instagrammer/blogger on the side, I rarely mix work with my instagram and used to prefer to keep it separate but am slowly trying to change that. I used to have the mentality that work and fun should be separated but am now a strong believer, as I am experiencing it first-hand, that if you love what you do, then work is no longer work so I am starting to integrate my design work into that part of my life. I also write and photograph. Right now, I am a writer and a photographer for the LA downtowner. I love doing it. It serves as a creative outlet for me. I channel my creative visions through writing and photography."



Jessica Lambi

City Boston
Career Marketer + Blogger
Instagram @jessica.lambi
Website Eat Sleep Dress & Repeat

"I'm Jess: a New England native trying to live a more intentional life in Boston, Massachusetts."



Sarah Sterns

City New York
Career Interior Designer + Stylist +Art Director
Instagram @sardahg

"I'm a Freelance Interior Designer/Stylist/Art Director living in Brooklyn. I live in a city of big dreams, so I'm constantly chasing after my own. When I'm not working, I'm either in my pjs by 8pm watching The Office re-runs with my boyfriend and rescued Bombay cat or out squeezing in as much social time as possible with friends."



Meagan Floris

City San Francisco
Career Photographer + Designer
Instagram @meaganfloris
Website The Wolf & The Wildflower

"I’m a photographer, graphic designer, and general curious creative living in San Francisco, California. I’m currently working on my BFA in graphic design. I love to dip my toes into any creative endeavor that interests me (like painting, calligraphy, sewing etc) and I’m always up for a trip to the flower market."



Anna Todd

City Chicago
Career Brand Voice Coach
Instagram @ruebybird

"I'm a freelance brand voice coach, aspiring social worker, and avid explorer. Originally from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, I moved to Chicago in pursuit of seasons, craft beer & all the cheese. You can typically find me cuddling my kitties Roux and Stevie, going on weekend adventures with my boyfriend, or devouring an almond croissant at the Logan Square Farmers Market. Fun fact: I don't have a southern accent!"



Leslie Becker

City Peoria
Career Graphic Designer
Instagram @ephemerastudio

"I'm a graphic designer living in Peoria Illinois, though I've moved through a few cities. I made the jump to freelance about a year ago after 7 years in the fashion industry. Now I dabble in a little of everything, which is what makes entrepreneurship so great. My career description is constantly changing and I'm always learning new things, and meeting new people along the way."


Alma Omeralovic.jpg

Alma Omeralovic

City Chicago
Career Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Instagram @chillbabealma

"My name is Alma! It means soul and I love linguistics. I was born in Montenegro and immigrated to the US in 93' due to the war. We settled in Chicago and truly lived the 'American dream'. Fast forward to now. Still in this amazing city and living a life I couldn't have even imaged, working for a business that embodies my ethos helping spread mindfulness throughout the city. My roots are deeply connected to the mountains, sea and family in Montenegro so I visit yearly to stay grounded. My ideal days involves deep breathes, out door adventures and dessert (have a thing for the sweet stuff in life)."