The Glossary's 1st Birthday

Wow, it has been a year. One full year since we began this journey and platform. A year of talking to and meeting incredible women. Sometimes it just doesn't feel real.

On Thursday, June 7th, we threw ourselves a birthday party. It was important for us to create an open and welcoming space, but to also have our guests leave the night with something to hold onto. In our planning stages of the night, we thought it would be great to integrate a panel into the evening, having some of the women we've met in this past year share their stories. 

The night was more beautiful than we ever imagined. Both friends and new faces showed up to celebrate - to celebrate us and to celebrate women. 

It's always important for us to create spaces that feel open and comfortable for everyone, but this evening was truly something special and full of love. 

Photos by Victoria Gamlen and Fotio

Earth Day Water Workshop
benefitting Surge for Water

You know when you meet someone and you can immediately tell that they are just an all around good human being? That's what happened when we met Alma Omeralovic. Her warm presence and desire to help people is amazing, so when she asked us to team up on an event, obviously our answer was yes! 

For Earth Day we planned an afternoon about being mindful with our water consumption and how to give back to those without access to clean water. Alma led us through a meditation, Amber Cook spoke about her 1,000 mile bike ride to raise money for clean water in Flint, Savannah Flores walked us through a mindful, water conserving painting practice, and Shilpa Alva shared what she does with Surge. 

We packed a lot in, but we wanted all of these incredible women to share their talents and knowledge. Thank you to Surge, The Robey, Lily Puffs, Graze, and Kona for making this such a special event. 

Photos by Ayaka Sano

Local Blooms Floral Workshop

After talking to and interviewing Morgan Stuber when we started The Glossary, we were so excited to hear of the start of her new floral business, Local Blooms. On Earth Day, Morgan came up to Chicago from Peoria to host a floral arranging workshop with us at Gather Home + Lifestyle. While Morgan instructed us on how to make some beautiful bouquets, we enjoyed delicious drinks by Cocktail Courier and explored Kristen Basilo's beautiful store.

Photos by Alisha Sommer

Andersonville Photo Tour with Soho House

In March we had the pleasure of teaming up with Soho House for their month of "community". After doing Photo Tours in other cities, we were thrilled to bring this series to Chicago. We brought a group of Soho House members on a tour of Andersonville visiting Winifred Grace, Martha Mae, Norcross and Scott, Women & Children First,  and Milk Handmade.

Over the course of the afternoon, we heard how all of these women started their businesses, as they shared with us their successes and challenges. We love doing these events because we are able to bring new people into these women's spaces to support them, while also creating a community around small businesses. 

Photos by Anna Zajac

Shared Stories - A Phoenix Panel

So let's just start off by saying, wow, we love the women of Phoenix. Yes, all of you. On Saturday, February 10th we hosted an amazing panel at Local Nomad. We have admired Lauren the owner for some time now, visiting the shop every time we were in town. Lucky for us, we got to collaborate with her on this incredible panel. 

Over the course of the morning we heard from blogger Megan Gilroy, Kelsey Strothers of Worth Takeaway, Christina Martinez of New Darlings, Teresa Wilson of Camelback Flowershop, and Michele Nunes of Noons. We talked about starting a business, transitioning careers, social media dos and don'ts, doing what is best for yourself rather than for other's expectations, being powerful women, and the importance of community. It was an ideal morning full of kindness, openness, care, and friendship. These women are special and we are so thankful to them for being honest and generous with their thoughts and time. 

We're also so thankful for Ellyse Nichole of Seed to Gut for making us all delicious lavender matcha and Alex Layshock of Voyager Bakeshop for making the most magical scones for the morning. 

Women are great.

Photos by Jacy Hermes

Community Panel

We were looking to create something in between a formal panel and an informal discussion group. We wanted each person to have a chance to speak, but also create an environment for openness, honesty, and learning. We ended up creating the Community Panel.

Think of it as a sort of mastermind session. 15 creative women share a physical space one morning a month to talk about their successes and struggles. The format is structured in order for everyone to have time to ask a question, but the conversations are fluid and open. 

Over the course of three hours, each woman is given a 5 minute time slot to ask a question pertaining to business, life, goals, creativity, etc. As a group, we are all able to answer this question, provide insight, and give advice. The wonderful part is that we are learning from everyone else's questions as well. 

On the last Saturday of each month, we will be gathering a group of 15 women for a Community Panel session. You are welcome to come to one or to all, each event will vary depending on the attendees and the questions that are asked. We found our first session to be a wealth of information - from sharing resources to openly sharing business stories to talks about forming future collaborations, we found that each woman left the space with something new. 

Discuss + DIY
A Glossary Field Trip

We were delighted to kick off our Field Trip series with a workshop at Half Pint Shop. We wanted to begin a Field Trip series to bring Chicago women into local women owned spaces to support and learn from them. Plus, it just really sounded good to us to spend our mornings in some of our favorite places. 

Owner Macaire Douglas has created a beautiful shop and studio selling children's brands created by parents. When she asked us to team up, of course we said yes to be in her beautiful space and spend the morning with her. Over the course of the event, we chatted about Macaire's background and transition from just an online shop to a brick and mortar, learned about the properties of essential oils, and mixed our own personalized fragrances. Needless to say, we smell really good. 

Photos by Sydney Walters

Crafting Your Creative Business - A Holiday Gathering and Panel

After saying that we were going to take our December quiet and easy, we could not pass up to opportunity to collaborate with Joslyn Villalpando and BANGTEL to host a crafting workshop and panel with 5 amazing business women in Chicago. (Don't hate us, we were having too much fun and didn't take any photos! Whoops, sorry). 

We spent the night cozying up in one of BANGTEL's beautiful spaces with 40 friends and friendly faces. Our night began with a tassel making workshop led by Joslyn, which then transitioned into a panel with Taylor MorrisonAngela WatorLiz KlafetaClaire Wolfe Boockmeier, and Nicole Alexander. While we had plenty of questions prepared for the panelists, our audience became super involved asking some very insightful questions which led to an incredible discussion about business, social media, balancing one's personality with their brand, making money, following your passion, and overcoming challenges. 

Although it was freezing outside, we all snuggled up on couches and pillows with hot chocolate and hot toddies. The warm environment paired with all of the warm and welcoming personalities made for a truly special night. 

Sketchbook + Illustration Workshop with Laura Supnik

Our recent travels took us to the East Coast to partner with illustrator Laura Supnik on an intimate sketchbook workshop. We had 15 wonderful people join us at Stonefruit Espresso for conversation, coffee, and creation. Laura walked us through the basics of keeping a sketchbook, while providing prompts and activities to get it started. Our attendees were each given a hand-painted sketchbook, art materials, and merch from Laura! 

photos by Emily Dubin

Woodfired Weekend

On the weekend of October 13-15, The Glossary headed to Three Oaks, MI to team up with food and prop stylist Johanna Lowe at her stunning home, Parchment House. This event was meant to bring together a group of women to learn, connect, and cook. Our first evening was spent meeting and celebrating our group with dinner and cocktails at Journeyman Distillery. Saturday was a full day of exploration with tours at both Field and Florist and Granor Farm, where we sourced local flowers and ingredients. Our evening was filled with laughter, food styling with Johanna, and crafting delicious, homemade pizzas. 

This weekend really showed us the wonderful power of women and the warmth that can come from bringing strangers together to create and support local. 

Let's Camp 2017 - Creative Retreat for Female Entrepreneurs at Camp Wandawega

Over the weekend of September 29 - October 1, we teamed up with Nikki Ricks of Gab Lab to host a creative women's retreat at Camp Wandawega. The weekend was filled with inspiring workshops, relationship building, learning, and creating. It was a deep breath - a disconnection from every day life and a connection to nature, female entrepreneurs, and the creative mind.

We had an amazing group of 42 talented women, 10 inspired workshops, 18 generous sponsors, and 3 days of fun! 

Cambridge Photo Tour with Madeline Heising

The Glossary teamed up with photographer Madeline Heising in Cambridge, MA on Saturday August 26th for a creative women's photo walk exploring small women owned businesses. We stopped at local businesses to learn more about their stories and meet the faces behind the brands. 

We made our way from The Port to Union Square to visit Niche, Longfellows, Queen of Swords, FORESTBOUND, and Loyal Supply Co and talk to the women who are making these businesses a success. 

Uniforme NYC at Martha Mae Art Supplies and Beautiful Things (7/2)

We will be co-hosting an event with Uniforme and Martha Mae Art Supplies and Beautiful Things on July 2nd from 2 pm - 5 pm. Come out, support women owned businesses, get discounts on some amazing Uniforme pieces and meet some of The Glossary community. 

Beautiful Clothes & Beautiful Things

July 2nd, 2017
2 pm - 5 pm
Martha Mae
5407 N Clark St. (Andersonville)
Chicago, IL 60640