Escaping the Always-Putting-Out-Fires Rut: a Lawyer’s Perspective on Decreasing Pain Points and Liabilities in your Business

@ Workshop 4200 - Chicago
4200 W Diversey Ave
Monday, February 25
6:30 - 9:00 PM
Tickets: $40


Most business owners didn’t go into business because they love worrying about small, everyday hassles and the bigger ever-looming specter of possibly getting sued. Often, these types of issues get stuck on “back burner” status indefinitely. This leads to business owners having to focus all of their energy on putting out fires when they want to be focused on finding ways to grow their business.

Michelle and her team at G & G Law have helped many clients get out of the always-putting-out-fires rut. They developed a non-overwhelming process:

  1. List the hassles, roadblocks, and big-picture worries you have for your business;

  2. Prioritize the items on the list; and

  3. Steadily work through them.

Through this process, business owners are eventually able to spend less time putting out fires and more time growing their businesses.

Not every business is ready to invest in dedicated outside general counsel. In this workshop, Michelle will teach small business owners how they can implement the process for themselves. Some of the solutions may require taking legal action, such as forming an entity or drafting certain contract provisions. But many of the solutions won’t be legal in nature: you might find that simply updating a process or purchasing insurance solves some of the problems on the list. The goal of the workshop is to give you a plan to systematically work through the issues. Then you can refocus your energy on all the cool ideas that led you to start your business.

Join us at 6:30 for refreshments and networking. At 7:00, Michelle will begin her workshop. Please bring a notebook and writing instrument as we will be going through processes and worksheets.

Michelle Green: Founding Attorney and Owner of G & G Law, LLC

Michelle started G & G Law in 2011 with a mission to make legal services accessible for small businesses. She gained incredible experience helping to bootstrap her other company from a 2-person tutoring operation to a multi-million dollar online learning company. Her clients benefit from her unique experience wearing two hats: both an attorney for her clients and an owner of two successful companies.

The attorneys at G & G Law are creative problem solvers for their clients. First we listen to what our clients need, and then we help them develop direct, easy-to-implement solutions. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, our deep understanding of small business owners, and our common-sense fees.

G & G Law is a friendly, neighborhood law firm in the Ravenswood corridor. Michelle lives in the Ravenswood Manor community with her husband, John, and two young children, Quincy and Theodore (Bear).

Workshop 4200:
As Chicago's first CREATORSPACE™, Workshop 4200 is an entirely one-of-a-kind place to get stuff done. The former factory building is home to an array of studios, workshops, and production spaces with shared common areas that were designed to provide an inspiring, relaxing, and collaborative environment.

Getting to Workshop 4200:
A few minute drive from Logan Square, you’ll find Workshop 4200 off of Diversey Ave. Main doors are located on Tripp Ave on the west side of the building. There is some available street parking, as well as a small parking lot you’re welcome to use. If not driving, we recommend taking a rideshare.

Please Note -
- Ticket link will take you to an Eventbrite page where you can purchase your tickets. 

- Since it will be a small group, tickets are non-refundable at this time.