Don't Slow Down Now


I know it's confusing,
But try not to be fooled
By brittle bones and tethered sinew
On its last thread,
Tired muscles can be deceptive,
You should not trust their
Superfluous misrepresentations. 
Perhaps that is what was intended
When I was sketched up from charcoal dust,
Meek in nature,
A lure for being thought of as forgettable.
I am the weapon you don't yet
A frequently underestimated
Lion's heart. 
I guess that's what happened
When you go on for so long
Thinking yesterday would be your last,
Except it's not,
You're still
What are you going to do about it?
So I've decided
I am coming for it - 
Life, that is,
Teeth bared,
Lips forming realizations into
Splendid tomorrow, a sound that will bring
Skeptics back to the
Roots from which
We grew. 
Do not be mistaken.
I have more life in me,
More undiluted purpose,
Than you will ever be able to
Measure from a brief
Perusal of this being, do you see it now?
I am not defeated,
I am furious with grace,
Holding tight to the gift of
A question mark spine. 
Keep watching close
Before this girl comes to
A close.
Let's see what I do
With so much precious
Don't Slow Down Now


Words by Anna Lisabeth
My name is Anna Lisabeth, and I am a 22-year-old poet, artist, and terminal illness warrior living in Minneapolis, MN. I am always working hard to experience life through the perspective of creation. In a young life filled to the brim with unknowns and hard truths, art has molded itself around me, forcing beauty and light into my line of sight. Somewhere between words, images, and illustrations, my creative pursuits have developed into my greatest defense against the looming presence of unwelcome fear. While it can be difficult to place my work and struggles out in the open context of a public forum, I have found that there is wonderful privilege to be claimed when, once in a while, listeners respond with the simple phrase ‘me too’. It truly makes this work feel special, it makes it feel necessary. And I refuse to slow down, so long as that is true.

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