Year of Woman


Woman to woman, we all deserve success. We all deserve support, friendship and kindness, especially from that which is our own sex. Though in this world of constant comparison, of racing to be the best, how do we continue applying this wholesome sentiment?

I wonder this and I ask further, how do we each succeed and simultaneously encourage the success of each other? 

Can there truly be both, across the board, for all?

How do we defeat the inherent feelings of envy and jealously, especially and particularly in the light of social media, constantly popping up new ways to feel less than. 

Ways not even previously conceptualized,
not even imagined, when it is our nature to absorb from others, the human affect that touches each and every, when the nature of humanity is observation, is dissatisfaction, and yes, is envy too.

In this year, the year of woman, I see many who are subscribing to the spreading sentiment that women should support women, that kindness among our sex is not only wanted by is completely necessary. 

Many that are reaching out to uplift others, to connect, to encourage, to spread the idea that success is not limited by appearance, race, age, religion, geography, or even gender, and through these ideas and acts of support we can thereby defeat our long running history with spite and jealousy.

I say, 

Death to female comparison, death to female profiling.

These traits cannot exist in this year of sisterhood. 

Though, I too find myself continuously trapped by feelings of comparison. Of feeling as if the one thing I've been aching for, is so much more easily obtained by some other person, of thinking they, therefore, must have an easier life, a better life, a more exciting life. And there again it surfaces. The struggle to defeat the comparison and profiling that is woven throughout each day, within each encounter we take on.

And to defeat it finally, I feel I must
dig into my truth and
cling to the belief in my own difference. 

To the belief in all differences,
in the context and history that each personal story carries, and the tiniest of individualities that make me, alone, unique. 

To value and even highlight my differences, privately, publicly, humbly, confidently, knowing who I am, standing on my differences the same as on my comparisons, proud of my likeness to the rest of the world.

Proud of all that I am.

Finding and defeating comparison in every square that posts, comparison in every mind that walks, comparison the thief of joy.

Defeating comparison, inspiring, instead, individuality, inspiring the differences, and differences again, inspiring community, friendship, and common bonds, standing on them and spreading them too.

Every woman in sight is subject to this belief:
That all deserve support, kindness, friendship, advice, encouragement and equality.
Equality among each and every sector. Equality across each and every mind.

Defeat the voice that calls claim knowing, answer it with a light hearted questioning, answer it with unknowing. 

Then, perhaps, at last through no longer seeing and believing we know, forming opinions that grow and develop into envy and hate, but instead seeing and attempting to learn, to apply what human affect there is to gain, to enjoy someone else's differences, treasure them for their similarities too, and curving each new thought, that builds an ever building image of each person we know, away from idle assumptions.

May we not limit each other by our own perception, may we not limit ourselves by the idea of another. 

May we continue the year of woman to the century of woman, to each and every day of woman, for woman, with woman, by woman.

Building up the belief in our own sex, spreding and continuing to spread the kind sentiments of sisterhood.

May we all feel empowered by the success of one, may we each stand together on the whole meaning of womanhood. 

Words and photos by Brianna Holman
I'm Brianna, a simple, honest lady, finding my way through my mid twenties, writing, reflecting, questioning, and improving; always seeking to move forward, to push myself outside of my comfortable norm. Now with my husband and our eight dogs we've chosen to consciously live with less making possible our ability to travel across country in our Fleetwood trailer. I am an admitted, continuous work in progress, in search of more questions to answer, ways to understand, and stories that enlighten. I seek understanding in every aspect of life, I seek empathetic understanding for everyone in life. I seek to reflect an honest life and inspire humble thoughts.

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