Are You Making Enough Time For Travel In Your Life?


I made myself a vow in 2018 that I will create more time for intentional travel. My goal is to select a few destinations this year all on my own. For the past couple of years I have attended destination weddings, tagged along on my husband’s work trips and counted that as my personal travel which is absolutely silly. In reality I have to be on someone else’s itinerary so this shouldn’t count. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE these kind of trips but I’ve noticed my own dream vacations are going by unfulfilled which isn’t a great feeling to have. This year I have decided to purposefully plan and execute my dream destinations.

Where do you dream to travel? If you don’t have a particular place in mind I challenge you to choose a random location. Browse travel websites or Instagram accounts that influence you and book yourself a getaway that you are in complete and total control of. Go solo or with a friend, take your Mom or Dad (if they don’t drive you nuts) but above all make your trip intentional.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.


Visit Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is an amazing destination for all travelers. It’s easy to navigate, it’s a culinary capital, it’s extremely safe, and is rich in history. If you are you traveling to Tokyo for the first time here is a useful article for first time visitors.

Go on a road trip
Road trips are awesome because you can take your pets too, a bunch of snacks and and play padiddle. It’s a game where you identify a car with only one headlight and simply say padiddle when you see it.  A cool city to check out is St. Louis, Missouri. It’s only a short 5 hour drive from Chicago that has great museums, an awesome Italian neighborhood called “The Hill” with superb food and the iconic Gateway Arch.


Soak up the sun on a beach
It’s currently 24 degrees here in Chicago, a great excuse to leave behind the cold and escape to Grand Cayman. Nothing sounds more appealing right now than lounging on a beach with a good book and a passion fruit cocktail in hand.

Visit Nashville, TN
This city oozes with soul and passion in everything they do. Don’t miss out on hearing some amazing local music, eating fried chicken, 12 South, the Frist, and the Civil rights Museum at the public library. Oh! Be sure and check out Barista Parlor for the best coffee in the city.


Book a staycation
If you cannot physically leave your city or town then book yourself a staycation at a hotel or Vrbo and explore the areas you're unfamiliar with. Seek out a new neighborhood, go to a new restaurant, go to a museum you’ve never been to. Expose yourself to a new environment with a new perspective.  

If you need further travel inspiration check out my favorite website Conde Nast Traveler.

Brittney Disov is a freelance virtual assistant based in Chicago, Illinois. Her curious disposition has inspired her to launch a travel and lifestyle blog to share those experiences with others. When she isn’t working, she can often be found wandering in a museum or indulging in a meal with her husband or girlfriends at the hottest new eatery.


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