Pinocchio Forest


"Pinocchio's nose is his best-known characteristic. It grows in length when he tells a lie"

----- From Wikipedia

Pinocchio Forest, the inspiration comes from the tale of Pinocchio's nose.

When I created this series of illustrations, I kept thinking if a lie (I'm not talking about spam, fraud, and forgery) is good or bad.

People normally think telling a lie is a negative behavior. especially when I was a child, my parents always told me how important is to be honest with everyone and everything. But after I grew up I found out sometimes we have to tell a lie, basically for protecting ourselves, or for allaying someone's concerns. 

Pinocchio Forest is a forest made by Pinocchio's noes. Yes, A forest full of lies.

But Pinocchio Forest could be scary...

Pinocchio Forest could be warm and beautiful.

Which side do you see? 

medium: watercolor/ink



-Traveling from your heart to his brain-




-Sleeping in the spring-

Amber Ma is a New York-based artist and illustrator originally from China. She has been attracted to creating art and storytelling. Amber has a strong passion for drawing, which led her to pursue an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from The School of Visual Arts, NY. 

Amber is deeply interested in creating monsters and fantasy creatures, who she believes share the world with us while hiding in secret places. She also has extensive experience in visualizing the story and visual creativity.

The inspirations for most of the projects are from her childhood experience (under the one-child-policy), cultural mystery stories, and daily human life. She believes all people can tell a story and that a story is a form of life. Everything, every moment, every element can be a good story. 

Amber's working medium is primarily watercolor, Sumi-ink, pen and color pencil.


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