Community Roundup - March 5th, 2018


We thought this would be a perfect week to start our Community Roundup - an exclusive update and inside look to what the women of The Glossary community are doing, making, creating, and supporting. We truly want The Glossary to be a space where people feel open to share what is going on in their lives and where others can come to learn. After months of interviewing creative women, we wanted to make sure that everyone was able to stay up to date with their lives and businesses, so we will be bringing you The Glossary Community Roundup weekly! 

Margaret Hennessey's SS18 Collection

Each bag is made to order from American leather and solid brass hardware in Margaret's Durham, NC studio. Use code GLOSSARY30 for $30 off orders of $250 or more, now until 3/31.

Nikki Ricks of Feminest

moved from Chicago to Melbourne! We are a bit jealous of her new city and sunshine, but can't wait to see what she creates there. 

download (13).jpeg

Kenyatta Forbes of Urban Macrame Fibers

is hosting a series of macrame workshops throughout Chicago this month. Find them all here


Feminist Creative Consciousness Series

Amelia Hruby's next workshop, Process + Flexibility, is on Sunday, March 18th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at Olivia Gallery. Join Amelia and a select group of women/allies in building new creative and personal practices around feminist values. Find tickets here.