A Thank You To Women


We love women! But you already knew that. 
Women are the reason that we do what we do.
We are here to be a platform for female voices, a space of support, a resource for collaboration, and a friend to listen. 
While we believe that every day women should be appreciated, highlighted, loved, and valued, we want to celebrate International Women's Day by drawing attention to our amazing interviewees. These women have become our friends, people that we look up to, and our support system. We are endlessly thankful and in awe of creative women that are building their own paths, jobs, and businesses. 

In each interview we ask "Why do you think it's important for women to support one another?" Here are the beautiful responses from The Women of The Glossary. 

We're stronger together. 

Women are intuitively fierce, compassionate, and nurturing, and tapping into that energy as a group results in so much power. It's so simple to just be open, listen to, and advocate for one another. 
- Jackie Sun, Owner of FUGGIAMO

There are so many boss babes 

doing so many great things and I know so many on a personal level too. There was a point in my life where I felt like I was in competition with, and so intimidated by so many women but over the years I've come to learn how important the support of other women really is. 
- Whitney Anderson, Designer of Wit and Co.

We are all so much more alike than not, so when we share, we connect. 

And when we connect, we grow. I’ve learned so much throughout the years from attending female-led panels, business groups, and creative social events. In my current stage in life I value real conversations even more, be it with a college student who’s interested in entrepreneurship, or a fellow mama who feels like a hot mess on most days, too. 
- Ana Maria Muñoz, Owner of Port of Raleigh

Women need to support each other

because that’s how we all collectively rise up and create more examples for women in the future. It happens slowly, but the rising tide will touch our daughters and granddaughters and give them opportunities that we’ve had to work 1,000x harder to create for ourselves today.
- Zoë Scharf, Co-Founder of Greetabl

Women know how hard it can be to be heard and respected

in the world and in a working environment for other women ,so I think it’s essential that we support each other along the way and help each other overcome those difficulties, speak up for ourselves and educate ourselves and others. 
- Olimpia Zagnoli, Illustrator

It is through women supporting women that we can uplift one another in a male dominated society. 

Because it’s women who truly understand what it is to be a woman, men can only empathize.
- Shreya Gupta, Illustrator

I think that it is so important,

especially in today’s day and age, to support and empower other women in reaching their goals. To me, I find that women need to have a sense of camaraderie in navigating the expectations that are placed on women in general. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up being surrounded by many women with strong convictions of self worth and that has helped propel me to not only continuously strive to reach my own goals but to also empower other women to do so as well. 
- Sarah Boileau, Photographer


It’s essential for me to always keep good company.

The women who are closest to me are honest, loving and always introducing me to many things that inspire me.
- Karin Haas, Artist

We don't have time not to! 

I have always believed "the more the merrier" in doing what I'm doing, at least. If I'm teaching weaving and someone wants to buy looms from me to also teach weaving, wonderful! Spreading the word and bringing more people into the craft community just means good things for us all in the end. 
- Joslyn Villalpando, Owner of J.Villa Workshop

Being a woman is TOUGH

and life is definitely not the same for us as it is for men. I had never experienced such a strong bond with other women like these past 3 years, I share my story with many of them: An awakening to ourselves as the tough humans we are. Supporting each other reinforces these concepts and will only result in a higher collective consciousness, I'm proud of the changes in history we've all made together so far. 
- Luisa Salas, Artist and Designer

If we don’t support each other, who will?

There are way too many obstacles we have to jump to keep up and to hold a footing in this male-dominated world, and we should do all we can to help each other raise to our capabilities. We need to help each other accomplish and prove that we are some of the best innovators, makers, and lovers the world has to offer. 
- Arielle Zamora, Artist

Every other industry I’ve worked has always been male dominated.

Now that I’m working for myself, it’s amazing to see so many other women out there doing their own thing. It’s important for all small makers to support each other especially for us women.
- Linda Hsiao, Owner of Knotwork LA

Women are the only ones who truly know what it’s like to live in this skin

- not supporting each other would be purely regressive.
- Kimberly Corday, Visual Artist

I have worked with some of the hardest working and inspiring women.

When we support each other, we encourage a culture of collaboration and help to expand the larger support system between all women. There is nothing like working with like minded women who are unabashedly ambitious.
- Emma Tuccillo, Founder of And North

They are my cheerleaders,

my shoulders to cry on, my rocks. I literally couldn’t have achieved what I’ve done today without a whole host of amazing women cheering me on and supporting me from the sidelines! When you’re in a minority, on a mission to beat the odds, we all need to support each other. That way we stand a real chance of #ChangingTheRatio
- Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots

Women working together can do pretty amazing things.

If it weren't for the support that I've received and continue to receive from my female entourage of friends, old co-workers, business associates and networks I'm not sure I could survive the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. 
- Lindsay Knaak-Stuart, Founder of Meant

If we don't support each other

what do our children learn about what women can do? I am fairly doom and gloom about the patriarchy in my generation, but I am so hopeful for the young ones.
- Faye Smith, Owner of Sevilla Smith

It's so important -

being vulnerable with other women, sharing in each others struggles and joys. I meet weekly with four woman who have come to be some of my dearest friends and supporters in New York. They have inspired and challenged me in my personal, creative and spiritual life.
- Alyssa Hoppe, Owner of Hoppe Shoppe

It's important because we get our struggles as women.

Some would say we live in a "man's world", it's great to have a support system in people you can relate to. We are stronger together than apart.
- Whitney Madueke, YouTuber and Blogger

Women alone are powerful.

Women together are unstoppable. What we can achieve when we work together is far greater than what we can achieve alone.
- Laura Housgard, Owner of Johan

It is very challenging and often difficult being a woman

and if our fellow females don’t support each other, who will? I have been so lucky in the amazing women that I have met so far working in photography and food. It is just one more element of my job that constantly inspires and pushes me to be the best that I can be.
- Jenny Huang, Photographer

I grew up in a society where there’s a lot of gender inequality

I was taught to work hard every single day and to never expect to be given anything. I certainly believe that creating a network of women that understand one another’s journey and values is very important. We not only get to create a beautiful, safe and solid community, but I truly do believe that supporting each other helps us not only individually but it also sets the tone for a new generation. We hold the power to create a better tomorrow and it is up to us to make that change and show girls that women need to work together to continue to make headway in this society. 
- Geraldine Ridaura, Owner of Holy Matcha

I know the struggles of being a woman in this era,

sure they're not as terrible as what I'd imagine my grandmother had to go through, but the battle isn't won yet. Girls have to watch each other's backs. I want my daughter to grow up in a world that's kinder to her than the world that we live in and for it to carry on for her daughter and so on and so forth.
- Amanda Gunawan, Designer

I come from a female dominated family

 and attended a covent school run by Nuns and was also one of the top billers in a male dominated recruitment agency for many years, so women have always been my main role models. Women to me have always represented strength, hard work, camaraderie and wit. We just get on with it even when we are feeling shit. I just love the grit, gumption and ambition in so many women I know.
- Nik Southern, Owner of Grace & Thorn

I think women are about to completely change the world.

Our natural tendencies, innate creativity and how we approach problem solving bring an element into today's business space, marketplace and society that is so desperately needed, especially in the difficult time we live in now. Additionally, my store would for sure not exist without the support from the incredible fellow female entrepreneurs right here in San Diego. The local shop owners, artists creatives that made time to meet me for coffee and give me advice, or helped me raise funds for the build-out of our store... the power of women supporting women is so real. 
- Leah Kirpalani, Owner of Shop Good

I believe when we support each other,

when we see each other for who we truly are, we can all only grow better and create more beautiful stories and art. There is courage and power when we share vulnerably. 
- Erin Kim, Artist

Gender inequality is ever-present today

and without supporting each other, we'd only be perpetuating that inequality. It's important to keep the momentum we have going currently by standing by other like-minded women and lifting each other up whenever possible. 
- Lisa Munoz, Owner of Leaf and June

It's important to inspire one another

 to take risks even though we’re scared we don’t know 100% what we’re doing…as this comes easy for men but not for women. I’m in a family of 8 women now and we’ve been raised by one of the strongest women I know. My mother is my biggest fan and without her, my sisters and my niece's support I wouldn’t be pushing so many boundaries.
- Bobbilee Hartman, Event Producer and Software Engineer

I grew up in a society where there’s a lot of gender inequality,

so this question resonates with me deeply. Creating a network of women that understands one another’s circumstances is so important. We not only get to create a beautiful, solid community and an emotional support system of like-minded people, but I believe our support of one another increases our individual successes. No one is an island, and unity creates the strength that we need to lead change. 
- Giselle Hernandez, Founder of Someware

It always puzzled me

that there were so many women in my classes in art school, and then when you get out in the real world– it’s a mostly male dominated field. I think it’s important to support each other and lift each other up to make sure we not only have representation; but also, to use our creative voices and influence projects with a female perspective. 
- Cristina Vanko, Artist

There is enough space for all of us women to succeed in our own right.

We absolutely should all be encouraging to one another, because a win for one woman is a win for all. We're still working to break glass ceilings, we're still working to be seen as equals, and we're all in this together. I will always champion other women I see doing their thing.
- Evelyn Escobar-Thomas, Blogger

Because we can be so powerful together! 

The vast majority of the store owners I work with and customer base I sell to are women and most of the opportunities that have come my way have been because of these women reaching out or suggesting my work to other women. I would not be in the position I am with my business without these other women and those experiences have lead me to always be reciprocating whenever possible. If we don't lift each other up, who will?
- Martina Thornhill, Ceramicist

Because we still live in a patriarchy.

There is still so much misogyny, including internalized misogyny, that keeps women from expressing their fullest selves. Every time we help each other and champion each other’s work, we are taking a step toward dismantling centuries of oppression. Raising each other up and celebrating others’ talents isn’t antithetical to being successful. This isn’t a zero-sum game.
- Margaret Hennessy, Handbag Designer

Women understand

and can empathize with what fellow women are experiencing, and that understanding is important to help each other grow. Societally we are taught to compete with one another, but that simply tears us down. There's no downside to supporting other women, and there are lots of downsides to tearing women down.
- Emma and Bobbi of Hazel & Rose

Because we're strong, capable, and hard working.

We can provide each other with a loving community of support and talent. Our connections run deep, so we must stick to working together in all times of need. 
- Sage Cortez, Owner of Hand and Fire

In a world that is male-dominated, it's important for women to stand up for their rights.

It's very difficult for one person to change the world, but in supporting each other, we become a force more powerful than we could ever be on on our own.
- Micaela and Dawn Marie, Owners of Drifter Organics

Women simply know

a bit better than men how much a girl needs love and support. Very simple kind words can move a mountain if said at the moment she needs them. I believe women can recognize, feel and understand those moments in each other's lives, and that's why supporting each other can be so empowering. 
- Svitlana Pimenov, Owner of Eclectic Lab Designs

We have firsthand experience

with both being female co-founders, and also leading a stellar all-woman team. Each of our team members contribute their unique gifts to planning and executing our market. We love having the opportunity to grow together, share our ups and downs, and ultimately support one another through this rewarding and challenging entrepreneurial path.
- Claire and Kristin, Founders of CULTIVATE Tucson

Women are the source of all human creation!

What’s more important than that fact alone? When women support each other they are supporting new life. New life brings change, and change brings growth- in our communities and our world as a whole. Women hold more weight of the world on their shoulders than men and they get half of the credit. It’s important for women to support each other to fill that gap, and more of this will lead to more women being strong enough on their own in life- no matter what goals they have or the support they receive. 
- Allyson Rousseau, Artist

Honestly, I couldn't really see it any other way.

Especially today, post-election, the state of this world, it's so important for women to come together and support each other. We should all be able to thrive, together. 
- Sara Berks, Owner of MINNA

We’re always inspired when

we hear stories of women starting their own business. No matter what the business might be, it’s conversations that will inspire others and foster healthy relationships. Certain business aspects are fairly transferable and educating others from experience is valuable, even if you aren’t in the same industry. Being able to share and to offer advice will only push others to do better. A community supporting one another as a whole will only generate an overall wellness amongst everyone involved no matter what their venture may be.
- Ashley and Jamie, Owners of Arlee Park

Support and collaboration

can be hard to come by in competitive, creative spaces. We all fall captive to the comparison game from time to time, and it often ends in defeat and hard feelings. As women, it’s important to stand by one another and help transform competition into collaboration - We’re all better when we come together! Since starting Mayne Marketing, we’ve had the privilege of working with so many amazing women that have encouraged our talents and pushed us to be better. When women come together and speak affirmation and truth to one another, great things can happen!
- Katie and Annie, Owners of Mayne Marketing

We are all in this

together and there is space for everyone. I was raised thinking I could do anything I wanted. To a certain degree, it has been true. But women still have certain pressures and limits put on them in our culture; although it’s more subtle nowadays. Women owned businesses are a strong statement that we can choose our own path. Working with and supporting women in all fields is important; especially women in the developing world who have it much harder than we do.
- Rebecca Crall, Owner of Territory

There is no doubt that women are at a disadvantage when it comes to business.

I’ve experienced this first hand. I find that I have to work harder at certain things because of my gender. So yes it’s important for women to support each other because we experience a lot of the same discrimination on a daily basis. This might be controversial to your question but the way that I work against this is to support both women and men small business owners equally. Male or female we are both in this together and have our work cut out for us going up against big business. This may be naive of me to think it will help the gap between our genders but it’s how I make it work. I always get a sense of kicking ass when I can look at it this way.
- April Gabriel, Owner of Boston General Store

When women are honest

and compassionate with each other, it transcends everything. Women to women compliments, encouragements, confessions and advice are so helpful and necessary because they also deeply inspire as we relate a lot with each other. 
- Araki Koman, Artist

We are much stronger together than separate.

I work with my neighbors, and fellow girl bosses, at Little Dame to coordinate events like ‘Fem Block Flea Market’ to bring together other female creatives in our community.
- Alex Hall, Owner of Maven SD

As a feminist,

I naturally believe in equal opportunity and love to support my male and female counterparts. However, I find it especially important to support other women in this field because both the design and business industries are certainly not inviting as a female entrepreneur. I still encounter resistance when communicating with manufacturers, ironing out business contracts, and well honestly, even just shopping at the hardware store! So many “friendly faces” will stop me in my tracks with my comments and questions emboldened with a clear predisposition that I must not know what I’m talking about. After long weeks and months of these experiences, we need to support one another so we may persist. While I have many close male friends who are extremely supportive, it is important to have other women who have personally experienced and can relate to the obstacles encountered. With this support network, we can motivate each other through new territory that is going to be ten times harder to navigate as a stereotyped female and perhaps strengthen collaborations with those companies who have been supportive of women designers. Together we can collectively strengthen those companies who offer equal opportunity and bypass the unnecessary obstacles altogether.
- Rachel Gant, Founder of YIELD, Endswell, and Obscura

We all do better when we support one another.

Providing support for other women in turn only makes you stronger.
- Kerry and Abby, Owners of Calhoun & Co.

We can only be better if we work together. 

We are stronger and also there is so much to learn from each other. 
- Gabriela Salazar, Owner of La Musa de las Flores

When I work with other women,

I feel like I am with my sisters – younger and older. Women understand each other in a way that men aren’t able to. It is easier to talk to one another, know how the other feels, and relate to similar issues.
- Pawena Thiamporn, Ceramicist

We truly believe

that women are the future. 
- Erin and Rose, Owners of Queen of Swords

I love connecting

with other women who head their own brand. I think it's because we’re all facing the same hardships, but also the gratification. It’s a way to feel reassured and reassure others that they’re doing great! It is also easy for us to converse, relate, and give each other tips. I’ve been in many situations where I’m listening to a story and go, “Yes! Me too!” I think it’s all a learning experience for everyone and in that kind of situation, it is not about being guarded, but sharing.
- Lauren Jin, Owner of CLE Cosmetics

I don't know what I would be doing without the women in my life.

They are the ones who supported me when I made the brash decision to walk out on my job. They're the ones who talked me through panic attacks late at night when I realized the mountain of work starting a small business required, and subsequent panic attacks a month later when I realized the mountain had somehow gotten bigger. They're my dreamers and my reality check. The ones who raised me and inspire me every day. Most of my clients are women and small business owners, and there's a special dynamic when we come together. The relationship doesn't end when I deliver the final photos-- it's not transactional. We keep in touch, we help each other out of pits, and we celebrate each other's successes. In short, it's because we care for each other. And when you know someone truly cares about you, you can do anything.
- Madeline Heising, Photographer

I think it's important for women to support each other

because men have essentially dominated the business industry for an incomprehensible amount of time, and as a result women are not taken seriously in business. On a day to day basis it doesn't always affect me, but certain situations, like negotiating leases, working with a factory, etc. - it can feel like you are being talked down to. Patronizing phrases like "sweetie" are used and you think, "you wouldn't talk to another man like that." Sometimes I even get frustrated at how some women talk to each other, sometimes using the same diminutives and I feel the condescending tone still remains. We need to find a new way to be assertive and strong as women without the culture of being made to feel bad about expressing our opinions and ideas.   
- Julia Okun, Owner of rennes

We live in a world where

everyone is constantly comparing themselves to one another and it can bring out the worst in a person. It’s important for women to stick together and share in each other’s accomplishments or empathize in each other’s downfalls. It’s absolutely refreshing and inspiring when I see women taking charge of their lives, creating amazing content and being so creative. It’s one of the reasons I love blogging and social media, although there are moments of jealousy and bullying, there are far more positive messages and inspiring stories and it motivates me to continue pushing for my goals and dreams.
- Stephanie Arant, Blogger

Women inherently face more difficulties

when it comes to chasing their dreams. Whether it’s not getting equal pay, not having the confidence to pursue a path or trying to juggle being a working mom, so many things hold women back. We’ve got to be there for each other and build each other up.
- Kate and Kerbi, Owners of Flora

Where would we all end up by NOT supporting each other!?

I’ve never been a competitive person by nature but at times I’ve felt threatened by the success of others and in turn, felt insecure. However, I got over this thinking in my late 20’s and adopted an “I don’t give a damn what other people think of me” attitude that really propelled me into feeling confident enough to start this business. I truly see no value in comparing myself to others – it always ends up being a negative reaction created 100% in my own mind. 
You have to be confident in what you’re putting out into the world and just go with it, or else you’ll feel inauthentic. I’m really fortunate to have a lot of inspiring, strong and courageous female friends who have played a huge role in shaping who I am today. We all encourage each other, support each others dreams, and just truly love each other for who we are – and how special is that? My hope is that every woman experiences friendships like that in their lifetime.
- Lauren Danuser, Owner of Local Nomad

We can be & should be each other's biggest cheerleaders.

There's room for everyone, so why not team up and continue to show the world what we, as women, are capable of?
-Emily Benzinger, Owner of File Life Co.

I am totally a feminist.

It’s silly to even have to say that, because everyone should be a feminist. The feeling that you get when you are around women who are supportive and who genuinely have your back is like no other feeling. I firmly believe in the abundance of the universe. There’s room for all of us. I’m a competitive person, so I always want to be the best at what I do, that’s just my nature, but it has never meant that I can’t be supportive of other people or even inclusive, especially as it relates to business. I hope that the people I have worked with know that I’m just as much a fan of them as they’ve been to me. At the end of the day it’s about community. I always try to go out of my way a little bit more because I know how hard it is to be a woman and it is a different struggle. I refuse to not stand in solidarity with women and small business owners because we do need a little more support. The more that everybody shines, the brighter this city glows.
- Giselle Wasfie, Owner of Remix

We've been conditioned as women

to compare ourselves and to compete with one another. We've been taught that there isn't room for us so we fight one another to be in the arena and that becomes what is expected of us. When we come together and support one another, when we don't give voice to the lie that there isn't room for all of us, when we embrace the women that we are in "competition" with it only helps us to become stronger ourselves. 
- Megan Strasser, Owner of Fern

I feel that women have had a bad wrap

for a very long time for being competitive in a negative way and for stepping over one another. In this process I have found so many like minded and creative women that continue to amaze me with their support and care for one another. There is quite a strong bond between women that is often unspoken but that is ever present. I am so grateful to be in a position to support and collaborate with other creatives in general, but I particularly enjoy the friendships and kinship I have formed with female entrepreneurs along this journey. 
- Sarah VanRaden, Owner of Notary Ceramics

It’s one of the most powerful

and long-lasting impacts we can make as a society. It allows each generation after us to build bridges that we weren’t able to.
- Laura Lemon, Owner of Lemon Laine

My business literally wouldn't exist

without the support of so many wonderful women I've met. I've never been afraid to ask for help - goodness knows I've needed it so often - and I'm so thankful for the ladies who have stepped into my life and supported me when I need it most. I hope I can do this for others as well! Community and relationships are so important. 
- Esther Clark, Illustrator and Calligrapher

We have to stick together and build each other up

— there is no way around it. In the small business world, it should be acknowledged that there is room for each and every one of us. It’s not a competition; we each bring a differentthing to the table. 
- Taylor Kitto, Owner of Wild Poppy Goods

Men have had each other’s backs for centuries!

I love being part of communities of women supporting one another. My life is filled with amazing women! I’m also a member at The Wing, a space and social club for women.
- Alice Wang, Owner of Uniforme

I was reflecting the other day

that most of the makers and businesses that I work with are owned by women. I think this is incredible! It is a privilege to support and work with so many talented women. As a woman entrepreneur myself, it is amazing when people affirm what I am doing. I feel empowered and excited to continue moving forward, I want to do the same for other women entrepreneurs.
- Emilie Anne Szabo, Photographer

Women make shit happen.

And when we work together, the whole thing lights up. There's no need to walk alone through this journey when we can weave something beautiful together. 
- Sofi Madison, Owner of Olives & Grace

I think there are enough things in this world challenging us that we don't need to also do that to each other.

I am so thankful for all the women business owners I connect with in Portland. We want to help each other, not bring each other down and I really crave that support. Putting yourself out there in your business is vulnerable and risky. We need to empower each other.
- Kara Green, Owner of Field Trip

Everything is simply better,

more productive, more fun and more fulfilling when we’re working together and uplifting each other. One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to work with other women artists and makers, I love to collaborate on projects, and also to connect people and see the women I know get to know each other and find new ways to put their talents to use together.
- Caroline Misterek, Designer of MATINE

In the past year especially,

I’ve witnessed an indescribable wave of togetherness and protection among women. Women lifting other women up is a powerful and inspiring force and it’s important that we continue to do this whether it be through small acts of support or international, peaceful marches.
- Liz Wible, Prop Stylist

I don't know where I would be without the many incredible women I have in my life.

Seriously. So much love, understanding, and support. I couldn't do what I do without those relationships keeping me afloat. In today's world, especially post election - it's so important to come together and support each other. I think society has trained a lot of women to compare and compete, and those ideals and standards need to be broken down. Beauty standards need to be broken down. I am all about uplifting, empowering, and encouraging one another. 
- Krysta McDaniel, Designer of Frond

I’ve always been under the impression

that women (especially on YouTube) always support one another. It’s important to share experiences and learn from each other. I don’t know where I’d be with out my mom, my sisters, and my friends — I can tell you I’d be a completely different person.
- Christine Nguyen, YouTuber


I guess, it's hard for me to think of reasons because it just seems like the obvious thing to do. But I understand how we can all experience envy, competitiveness, and get into the comparison-game. But there is room for ALL of us to succeed. If you see a women out there doing something similar to you, it doesn't matter. She's never going to do it exactly the same as you. Because you're you. Why not learn from her or collaborate with her instead of being salty about it? It feels so much better. 

And if you still have a hard time with this concept, understand that the more the woman succeeds next to you, that only gives you more space to succeed too. She's helping lift you up and clear a path for you. Why get in the way of that? Help her. 
- Jessica Murnane, Creator of One Part Plant and Know Your Endo

Women, especially, are so amazing to collaborate with.

I have some friends where I look at them and think, “Holy crap, you’re totally inspiring me!” It’s important for women to join together for equal pay and equal rights, and the more we do that, the more we can educate others and inspire people.
- Liz Klafeta, Owner of BANGTEL


Women are fucking great.

We are strong, intelligent, caring, resourceful, dedicated, creative, passionate, empowering, encouraging, incredible beings. I couldn't imagine not supporting my fellow women.

I grew up in a family of strong women creating their own paths, being their own bosses, and showcasing their talents. I seriously feel so lucky to have created something that allows women to care for and empower one another. If I don't do anything else in my life, I will always view this as such a proud success. 

I hope that by creating this space, I can make women all over the world feel like they are not alone. I certainly know that I feel the support and kindness of the women in my life every day.
- Mandy Lancia, Founder of The Glossary

Mandy Lancia