The Woman Behind The Glossary

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It has been one quick year for The Glossary and its creator Mandy Lancia. A platform that has grown to outreach and connect creative women from all walks of life.

A year overflowing with accomplishments and personal boundaries broken as Mandy worked diligently to establish the platform, put together events and create retreats that continue furthering the connection of women, all the while holding personal interviews and promoting creative women in any facet found available.

Though the idea itself was not born from flawless perception as Mandy found herself caught in a personal crossroads she managed to quickly push this platform out into the world. A stage set that would take the light off herself and bring complete attention to creative womenaround her.

“The Glossary was born rather rapidly. I was working on a different project in Chicago with a friend of mine. That ended pretty abruptly and all the work I had put into it was gone. As I began to panic a little bit, I also knew this was an amazing opportunity to create something of my own.”

Mandy explains, “Within a week, I had come up with the name, bought the domain, built the website, and started interviews. Having The Glossary start out during a challenging time really gave me the dedication and momentum to make it work. I put so many hours in during those first few weeks which set me up for a pretty good trajectory in the following months.”

She says it was extremely important for her to establish core values in those early days. Something she found she could rely on when building the branding aspect of her site finding it a concrete base that she could make reference to and propel herself forward on. In the few months following the launch of her website Mandy hosted panel events and back to back weekend retreats, establishing The Glossary as a creative, encouraging community.

“As someone who is extremely anxious and introverted, I never wanted to make a project or business about myself. I have always wanted The Glossary to be a celebration of all creative women - a platform and community where women can be open and honest. I truly think that that is the reason why The Glossary has grown so much in the past year. It's something that everyone can feel like is their own.”

But building and encouraging community isn’t something new for Mandy, it’s a feeling she says began in her childhood.

“As a child, my mother and grandmother owned a shop, but it was more than just a shop, it was a community. They held events, they formed deep relationships with their customers, and their employees became family. From the age of 8, I worked in the shop and saw the power of connection between women. As I grew and moved away, I was always drawn to working with women owned businesses.”

She continues to say that she has always been drawn to female creatives and business owners. That their passion is truly something beautiful.

Mandy’s own passion of empowering other’s is something equally as beautiful, as she battles natural, internal pullings to be shy and introverted, she inspires others through sharing her brave story.

“Something that I don't talk about very often is that my childhood wasn't always easy. I had a very difficult relationship with my father when I was young. It's something that made me close myself off to others around me, which then further deepened my anxiety. I would go days without talking, just because I thought that nobody ever wanted to hear from me.”

She continues, “As I grew older, it took a lot of internal work to break out of those habits. I had to learn how to speak my mind and not suppress my voice any longer. It's still something that I deal with to this day in large social situations, but I've definitely felt the most like myself in the past few years.”

She says it may not seem like it outwardly but through this past year and the challenges she’s been met with she has come to find her true self more in the process.

“Something that I laugh about often is the fact that I've created a path for myself that involves an aspect of "public speaking". It's really, truly absurd to me because I still get overwhelming anxiety any time I talk to over 3 people, but I also know it's something that I'm drawn to do. Realizing my values has been something special that I've witnessed and I hope to keep making progress so that I'm able to connect more and more people.”

Looking ahead into the coming year Mandy says she hopes to personally focus more on her health and well being, working always to better herself and in turn better connect to the community she’s created.

“Yes, I still have anxiety, but I don't question my self, my worth, or my work. That has been a really huge step for me. I hope to continue growing more and more just for myself.”

She says through this year she’s met so many women she would not have known otherwise that have added indescribable value to her life, and that her intent has always been to establish a safe space for women to share themselves and create connected relationships.

With her own daily determination Mandy has formed a community of women that can support one another, she has manifested a movement of support and encouragement for women, separate but also apart of that which is growing in our whole society, and allowed a conversation of ideas and stories to be honest and open to all.

She continues to say she hopes to further the growth of The Glossary, taking her events and retreats to multiple cities, under a larger umbrella in the effort to promote and encourage more women in all areas of the country and world.

Mandy is not only the woman behind The Glossary she is all in all, a great woman.

“Something that I really love,” She says, “is when a woman shares something in her interview with me that she says she hasn't felt comfortable sharing anywhere else because she knows she won't be judged in this community. I have always wanted the space to be accessible to everyone, so knowing that it is a safe space where people want to open up is truly incredible.”

And The Glossary is just that.