where you are in the world.

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Where are you in the world, have you yet to notice it so well? 

Does the wind blow cool in the evening summers or feel swelled out like sitting above boiling water? 

Are there blossoms early in February or late sometime in May or June? 

I imagine a million delights found in these travels and feel not one of them is better than the other, but that the contrast of one gives so much more understanding to the next. 

Have you been so lucky to sit beneath a warm rain shower, to watch the drops of waters bounce along the old trees and drain down onto the forest floor, to listen to the water flowing wide through the stream. 

Have you bundled yourself for a snowstorm or foggy morning walk on a mountain top. 

Looked for fresh local fruit hanging from local branches, a sweet smelling peach in the south or citrus in the sunniest states, cool weather fruits in the north like strawberries and cherries, and find Washington apples growing in the long summer days. 

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Feel the earth flatten in the prairies, see across grass plains for miles in all directions. Feel endless, feel possible, feel the same come rushing through the air as a powerful wind hurries a sudden storm across the open vastness of land, see its whole design from beginning to end. An expansive scene stretched wide across the canvas. 

Likewise feel closed in beneath the forest walls found in many certain covered corners of this country. 

The tall greens that take up every inch of sky space, leaving only punched out silhouettes for light to trickle down and dance against the ground. Find lush fern and moss growing in broken tree bends, along every shaded hillside and buried boulder. 

May you begin to miss the sky so closed in, miss the sight of weather rolling across a valley far away, wish for a mountain view across a city and ocean. 

For the feeling of being above it all, for a slow, easy breath of blue washed feelings, inching upward to feel the sun and moon a little closer, and see the stars multiply in private darkness. 

Come back down, way down, to see beneath mountain is valley, and beneath valley is canyon. 

Down in the rock of the earth beneath horizon, lies the way a river carved a story. 

Feel the wind that comes here too, solid and sturdy, almost unending in its devotion to shaping these canyons and buttes, whipping sand across the valleys and mounding it back into place. 

Wait in the mid day sun for a cloud or breeze, feel it bearing down so inescapably hot, no bush or tree to shade you, not even relief in winter. 

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Head south a little further to feel the heat intensify in the dry desert, and the hot wind still continue through the night, wrapping around silver moonlight figures of jagged, pointed mountains, saguaro and cholla cactus. 

Wish for cooler wind and water, for a beach or lake shore to sit beside. To listen to the lapping waves and feel your toes bury into the sand. Feel a soft wind that sweeps in carrying the sound of a seagull, and stay to see the sunset burn across the water. 

Follow the shoreline inland, along the marshes, creeks, and rivers that peddle out flood waters from plains and mountains, continue wandering up and up those southern rivers into fields and farmlands opening back wide into plains and closing again into mountains and evergreen forests. 

Think of where you are, think of how one landscape meets another, how one is connected to the next and how each does hold a uniquely wonderful worth and value. 

Think of every feeling as felt in the places you've been, stay long enough to know them well, to find each with their own lessons and wonders attached, and to then better appreciate the places and parts we’ve known entirely but perhaps have never seen clearly.

Words and photos by Brianna Holman
I'm Brianna, a simple, honest lady, finding my way through my mid twenties, writing, reflecting, questioning, and improving; always seeking to move forward, to push myself outside of my comfortable norm. Now with my husband and our eight dogs we've chosen to consciously live with less making possible our ability to travel across country in our Fleetwood trailer. I am an admitted, continuous work in progress, in search of more questions to answer, ways to understand, and stories that enlighten. I seek understanding in every aspect of life, I seek empathetic understanding for everyone in life. I seek to reflect an honest life and inspire humble thoughts.

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