Welcome to Twice Nourished

photos by  Geneva Boyett

photos by Geneva Boyett


Chelsea and Mandy here welcoming you to Twice Nourished, a collaborative event series built around women, food, and community. We’ve built this series as a way for women to connect with one another while showcasing their skills, talents, and passions.

After meeting at an event and setting up a future coffee date (quite the feat for two introverts), we became fast friends, bonding over our love of community, especially over food. We then began a personal cookbook club that happens in our homes every month as a way to bring the humans in each of our lives together. There’s a simplistic beauty that occurs when you gather an intimate group of people over a meal.

From witnessing the connections at these cookbook clubs, we wanted to create a new way for collaboration over food. Instead of everyone bringing a dish to the table (because guess what, not everyone loves to cook), now everyone can bring their talents to the table. With that idea, Twice Nourished was born.

How it works:

Through bi-monthly gatherings (that’s every other month), we bring together a group of 10-12 new faces to create a meal together. From the florals to the tablesettings to the menu design (and all of the other beautiful elements), we collaborate to build the event. Our aim is to create an environment that brings all of us front and center. Applications open a month prior to each meal, and since the gatherings are quite intimate, we keep all submissions on file for future events.

We ask for $30 to cover food costs (which will be going directly to the woman preparing the food at each event), otherwise the “ticket cost” is the skillset you’re providing. Yes, these events are ways to build community, but they’re also a way to share your gifts with others in a way that’s more impactful than a business card swap.


Chelsea Chandler

Oh, hi! I’m Chelsea, founder of Lady January, a design studio that works with passionate people to build honest brands.

Lady January is a recent rebrand, but I started working for myself full-time while living in Washington DC in 2013. It was a beautiful and challenging first few years, as the start of most businesses are, but when I moved back to the midwest I was TIRED. I had accomplished a lot, but didn’t feel whole. So I made myself a promise that I was going to invest in my relationships and seek out the communities I craved being a part of because that was a large part of what was missing.

This endeavor is one way I’m putting in the work to nourish the parts of my life that were ignored during my years of working too many late nights, and I firmly believe that I’m not alone in that need. I’m also so proud of the fact that this project is designed to help women make new connections while giving them a platform to show off a thing they really love to do. I’m excited to see it all and lift each other up in the process.

Aside from designing and working on side-projects like this one, I’d love to take voice lessons just for fun someday, secretly love anime, and enjoy eating peanut butter by the spoonful. I was raised by a strong woman and a hard-working father who had me just a few short years after she suffered a terrible spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. I met my match in stubbornness (and love) when I married my husband John, and we have one Boston Terrier (dog) child together named Iris.

I can’t wait to see you around the table.


Mandy Lancia

Hi, I’m Mandy, founder of The Glossary, a platform dedicated to creative women through sharing their honest stories, championing their businesses, and creating spaces for community to be built. Basically, I’m just a huge fucking fan of women.

To backtrack for a moment, I grew up with a single mother who owned a business and a younger brother, meaning that the closest thing to a family meal was a box of mac and cheese. There was never a time where we all sat down at the table together, so food was never a special part of my life.

Fast forward 20 or so years, and food is now this glorious, magical tether to my friends and community. Experiencing my first intimate dinner around a table with friends as an adult was a wonderfully eye-opening experience for me. Wait, we can actually take hours cooking a delicious multi-course meal and then enjoy it for multiple more hours while sharing stories and deepening our connection?? Sign me up to do this all the time please.

Okay, besides my revelation that people eating food together is really cool, it showed me an important added layer that some of my events needed. So now, Twice Nourished is a special outlet for The Glossary that has been added to the rotation of panels, artist workshops, discussion groups, and retreats. Women need these spaces of connection and I’m excited to be a part of creating that.

Oh, maybe you wanted to know other things about me… I’m obsessed with dogs (my rescue pup is named Lima Bean). I only eat plants. I’ve moved between 4 cities in the past 5 years. I’m allergic to apples. I could wear linen at all times. And I love bringing people together.